Tab: Little Birdie, as recorded by The Stanley Brothers

I went to the Oxford Bluegrass and Old Time/Appalachian music jam last Thursday, and had a really cool time. There just a really nice bunch of guys, who welcomed my mate Tom and Me with open arms. Most of what I they played I was not too familiar with, but then I am new to this game. However I was able to play along easily and take the odd solo. I also got asked to play and sing a song, and choose Down Beside The Ohio, the Obray Ramsey way, and it went down really well. Anyway, I should get to the point, that being, how to play Little Birdie.

I was put onto this song by a Mandolin player at the Bluegrass jam, and agreed to learn it for next time. I quickly scoured the Internet for a tab or a YouTube video, but was unable to find a version similar to the Stanley Brothers version.

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