Banjos: The Islander OB Ash Leaf 5 String Open Back

Choosing your axe is never easy, especially if you’re like me and want a banjo that stands out visually as well as audibly. I certainly want my next purchase to be my last for a while, if not for good, as I have been playing for a couple of years and know that this is no longer a fad, and something I want to stick at - I confess, I’m an addicted! So I’m starting to put together wish list of banjos to check out and start saving for, and remembering what my mother taught me about always buying quality, I am already setting my sights quite high.

Currently at the top of my list is the Islander OB Ash Leaf, which I consider to be a work of art. She’s a real beaut, handmade using Ash for the body and Maple for the neck, gives her the persona of a playful brunette, capable of turning any head that catches a glimpse of her in the corner of their eye.

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I have been playing guitar for over 20 years, at first playing in indie bands, followed by a long stint playing rockabilly on the streets of Oxford, a short excursion into dance music, followed by looking at early blues styles. Now after a few years of listening to Dylan, Guthrie, and early Americana I find myself in possession of a banjo, and I'm addicted! Currently I play Banjo and Guitar in an Oxford based group called Swindlestock, you can hear our music our myspace page.

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